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Shows, Musicvideo & Concert this weekend!

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Long time no updates because of different Projects we got right now going on!

March-31-2011 Radio Interview at the Major Station – SWR DAS DING / Germany [20:00 – 22:00]
April-01-2011 Musicvideo shooting Day 1 & Club Hosting at Club Tropi
April-02-2011 Musicvideo shooting Day 2 & Photoshooting
& Club Hosting at Black Beauty Lounge / Mengen
April-03-2011 Live in concert – Balingen


Your Team


Rap & Rhymes Records now with Major Distribution (Ioda the #1 Publisher in the UK)

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Since today Rap & Rhymes Records has now as Independent Label (Germany & UK) a Major Worldwide Distribution with Ioda, the #1 Publisher in the UK. (Distribute many Major acts as well like the Album: „2Pac – All Eyez on me“)

Your Team! soon online!

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Rap & Rhymes Records is workin on the Label Website for the UK & Germany.

We don’t wanna tell much about the Team and the services we plan for, but it’s gon‘ be a Big Bizness Move especially for unsigned-Artist’s, be patient soon we tell the people more about it.

Your Team.

Tonight Club Hosting at Club Sonic (Schwäbisch Hall / Germany )

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For the first time ever Famoe is doin Hosting club shows for good rated events!

If tonight you are in the venue of schwäbisch hall / germany, you better make sure that u don’t miss this special grand opening with Famoe as Club Hoster!

We will keep u updated with some Videos 2mrw!

Your Team


Musicvideo-storyboard for „Get together“ finally done!

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Famoe is letting all the fans out there know, that the video is going down from the april 1-2 2011.

Famoe said:
This time we work on a short movie for the video as well that gives the little extra touch to make it way bigger then we first thought.
I must say that we wasn’t able to bring Darnell down because of different reasons, but we are damn sure that u love this musicvideo.

Let’s see how the final cut will be..

Your Team

Newsletters are ready in about 3-4 Weeks, 100 000 Subscribers already!

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Hello Ladys and Gents,

First of all we wanna thank more then 100 000 subscribers already and more to come for our Newsletter.

We just wanna let u know that because of our huge subscribers, we need to prepare and sort everything out to begin with our Newsletter. We are sorry to let you wait but we try to make the best and handle everything as good as possible. Be patient cuz soon we’re ready for y’all out there.

Info about our Newsletter:
The difference between a normal Newsletter and our is, that u got each time the opportunity to win some specials for events, tickets, mixtapes or Albums and last but not least Important Insider Infos.

You Team!

Famoe feat. Makio – On and On more then 230 000 plays on youtube!

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Famoe is growin and growin… In the end of 2009 he released his debut Album „Xplicit“ that included feat. like Spider Loc & Hot Rod of G-Unit, Scola of Dru-Hill, Serius Jones, Makio and many more.

Last year he hits the #1 spot at the musicvideocharts in Germany with his Album Single „On and On“ on Yavido at the people choice.

Now we are proud to let the world know that we reached 230 000 plays with that Video!

We wanna thank all supporters, fans and listeners to make this huge counts possible!

Click on the link below to watch the Video:
Famoe feat. Makio – On and On

Your Team